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Roadmap to victory

Most coaches will script out their first 10-20 plays to start a football game. We are doing the same thing with our roadmap. We want to create an awesome experience for our NFT Holders. So strap your helmets on, its going to be a bumpy (but exciting) ride.

Q2 2022

- Rolling launch of NFTs

- Website Creation

Q3 2022

- Voting Feature (future NFTs)

- NFT Giveaways (Exclusive)

Q4 2022

- Merchandise Store

- Top Rookie NFTs (20/5/1)

Q1 2023

- Exclusive Playoff NFTs (20/5/1)

- Super Duper Dud Bowl

Q2 2023

- Draft Party

- Coaches Corner

- Fans, Friends & Food

Q3 2023

- Play to Earn Fantasy Game

- Gameday Giveaways


- Offseason Conditioning (Staking)

- Free Agent Marketplace

- Superdud DAO

- Other Sports

Not sure if its possible but some times you just gotta be crazy. We are attempting to do this all without the use of social media.
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