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Why are you guys so awesome?
      This is probably the most common question we get. Its really hard to explain as there are so many factors. Most people think we were born with it, but we tend to believe its the Maybelline. 
Where can I get one of these?
      You can buy the collection on Open Sea at the link below:
                Notso Fungible League - Collection | OpenSea
Can I make suggestion based on my favorite player?
      Hell Yeah! We want people to be engaged sharing their thoughts and ideas on who we should include on the next drop and more importantly the why behind that player.
How many NFTs will be released this year?
      We expect at least 32 different superduds, (so 96 total) at all 3 levels - Common, Exclusive, Rare, through the end of the season (including playoffs). If you are a nerd like me, that equates to at least 1 players from each team.
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