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Welcome to the NFTL

If you are looking for some lame Sports NFTs, you came to the right place. We at notsofungible strive to be as boring and unexciting as possible. Each NFT is perfectly handcrafted to be imperfectly unexciting. If you are a fan of watching paint dry, well get your popcorn ready as we are about to blow your mind. Please go to the NFT catalog to find our collection of superstars... er, I mean superduds. 

Each superdud, will eventually have a collection of 3 tiers:

  • The Common NFT has a collection of 100

  • The Exclusive NFT that has a collection of 10

  • The Rare NFT is only a collection of 1 

All superduds will be released on Opensea on their specific release date. With the expectation to have at least 1 superdud for each team before the end of the season. Please go to our Upcoming Releases to see when to expect new Sports NFTS. The collection will be sold on Open Sea @ Notso Fungible League - Collection | OpenSea

Thanks for coming to our amazingly tricked out website. There is no doubt you will be blown away {Sarcasm}. Many crypto projects want to tout how amazing they are, we just want to be just good enough. Please tell your friends, but not all of them. These NFTs are only for the lamest of lame.

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